Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival

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Paul Stender is returning to Battle Creek in 2014. While you’ve seen him perform here in different vehicles in the past, you have never seen him in this one. Making its debut for the first time on the airshow circuit in 2014 will be the ALL NEW “SPITFIRE” Jet Truck. You won’t want to miss this truck roar to life at this year’s Field of Flight.

About Paul Stender & Indy Boys Inc.:Paul and Therese Stender
Paul Stender is no stranger to fans of the Field of Flight. Paul last appeared here in 2012 in the Jet Schoolbus & Port-O-Jet (Jet Outhouse). Prior to that, he appeared here in 2004 in his Dodge Ram Jet Truck and Port-O-Jet. Paul, a tall and friendly guy, is the definition of adrenaline junkie! He grew up racing motorcycles and snowmobiles in Wisconsin before he began a career as a car driver. In 1995, he took it all to the next level when he began Jet Funny Cars. In his first full year of racing, he was awarded the prestigious Pro-Jet Rookie of the Year Award (1997). Since then, Paul has taken the airshow industry by storm, creating amazing vehicles that no other human could have thought up. Since 1995, Paul has built over 23 jet vehicles, with a few still being developed. It’s a sure thing that we will continue to see amazing and crazy innovations from Paul in the future.

Therese Stender is Paul’s wife and crew chief. She began a college sports career playing volleyball and sailing. She completed her marketing degree from Indiana University and then worked in Indianapolis. From there, she came on tour with Paul and then they married. Now she still tours with Paul as well as their two Great Danes, Saber and Atlas.

Paul and Therese make up the Indy Boy’s Motorsports Entertainment Racing Team. This team has been featured in numerous shows and news programs including Monster Garage, E!, Inside Edition, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and many more. The team has become one of the most sought after teams on the airshow circuit, traveling to over 30 events each season. Their new “SPITFIRE” Jet Truck is already a great success when it comes to booking. The team provides some of the most adrenaline-pumping jet vehicle experiences in the world.

About the All-New “SPITFIRE” Quadruple Engine Jet Truck:
Paul Stender is at it again, building an innovative vehicle that may take a run at the record books. This one-of-a-kind jet semi will be the first jet truck in the industry and motorsports entertainment world to be powered by FOUR jet engines. The truck is based on a classic ’56 Ford Cabover Truck and will be powered by four J-85 jet engines. All New Spitfire Jet Truck

Paul dubbed the truck “Spitfire” for two reasons. The first reason is that the vehicle looks like a World War II warbird with pop-riveted paneling, a checkered tail-fin, and fuel tanks that were actually previous aircraft drop tanks. In addition, the truck features two propane-fueled machine guns that pepper the air with loud gunfire as well as a painted shark face. The other reason the truck is known as “Spitfire” is because it features a unique Gatling Gun Burner Pop System, allowing the four jet engines to fire off in sequence, resulting in a rapid fire “boom, boom, boom!”.

This jet truck is the lightest and most aerodynamic jet truck ever built and it is expected that it will reach speeds nearing the 400 mph mark. How fast will Paul get the truck going this summer in Battle Creek? Come on out to the air show to find out. 


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