2015 Battle Creek Field of Flight

Air Show and Balloon Festival

Bronson Battle Creek is a 218-bed, all-private-room hospital offering a full range of outpatient/inpatient acute care including region-leading robotic surgery, world-class diagnostics, extensive wound healing care, Blue Distinction orthopedics awards, and exceptional rehabilitation services. BBC has been honored as one of the country’s safest hospitals receiving multiple honors as one of America’s ‘most wired’ and ‘most wireless’ hospitals. BBC is honored with multiple ‘Outstanding Achievement Awards’ for its cancer program, the only hospital in Michigan to receive that honor thrice.

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Holiday Inn

Host Hotel for the Air Show Performers and Balloonists
Comfort Inn
Host Hotel for the BC SpeedFest Race


Skerbeck Carnival

Skerbeck Carnival

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Bob Seger said it best in his song "Night Moves", and the fun doesn't end when the sun begins to set...instead, it HEATS UP!

Returning for the SIXTH year due to popular demand is the Field of Flight Twilight & Night Air Show. This year's event will take place on SATURDAY, JULY 4th and feature some of the Best & Most unique night acts in the world today. Whether the sky is illuminated with fireworks, sparks & pyro, or lights, this year's Night Air Show will be one you won't forget. Let's not forget about the ground either as you will surely feel the heat from flames being shot out of a jet engine. You won't want to miss this year's Twilight & Night Spectacular. This is OUR WAY of celebrating America's 239th Birthday....and this birthday celebration will BE LIKE NO OTHER!

Otto the Helicopter Night Show


While our Twilight Lineup is still being determined, it will feature teaser acts and performances by some of our AMAZING civilian air show performers. Stay tuned here for more information when it becomes available.


The Balloon Illume will separate the Twilight & Night Air Shows.


Our Night Pyro Air Show will come after the Balloon Illume (the Balloon Illume will separate the Twilight & Night Pyro Air Shows). The Night Air Show will feature:

Spitfire Jet Truck Night Run

  • SPITFIRE Jet Truck Night Run

Any vehicle powered by a jet engine is amazing....but seeing one at night is a truly different experience. You are sure to feel the heat as the SPITFIRE Jet Truck (fitting name) spits out flames as it rolls by. After some fun on the runways and tarmacs, Paul Stender will throttle up the FOUR ENGINES and do a power rundown the runway with after burning engines illuminating the event grounds and airportSpeeding at speeds potentially approaching 400 mph. This is a demonstration you won't want to miss.

  • OTTO Night Time Spectacular

    This air show act is surely not to be missed. It is an act that is arguably the BEST Night Show Act in the air show industry today. For 12 minutes, the entire audience will be held captive by magic as Roger Buis takes off in OTTO the Helicopter for an unforgettable experience. This low-level act comes complete with one of the most amazing pyro & light shows that is a fireworks display itself. Set to Celtic music and patriotic music, this display is complete with bright flashes, smoke and that wonderful helicopter sound. Just when you think the show is over, the entire flight line is lit up by a patriotic grand finale. This will be one of the most amazing things you'll see in your life. You do not want to miss it! It is surely the perfect display for Independence Day

  • "HOT!" Firewalkers International Pyro and the Nighttime "GREAT WALL OF FIRE"

Firewalkers Night Wall of FireAre you ready to FEEL THE HEAT? Because you surely will as Firewalkers International Pyro blows up our airfield, capping off our Night Air Show with a SERIOUS BANG! If you thought the GREAT WALL OF FIRE was spectacular during our day shows, wait until you experience it at night. We'll begin with a series of explosions that lead into an epic explosion effect known as "Willy Pete Phosphorous Effects". After a few more explosions, it happens....THE GREAT WALL OF FIRE! You'll feel it before you see it, and see it before you hear it. As the explosion rumbles the ground and the heat warms up the event grounds and all of a sudden it becomes daytime at the airport, just for a split second. As the light fades, the smoke rolls into the air and everyone around is clapping, in shock because of what they just experienced. Everyone loves the Wall of Fire, but, at night, it is a totally different ballgame and it is something that MUST BE EXPERIENCED!