Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 29 - July 4 2017


Jeff Pestun Hot Air Balloon Jeff Pestun Jeff Pestun is from Holland, Michigan and is a native of Battle Creek area watching hot-air balloons and then crewing his first balloon when he was only 8 years old. He has been a licensed hot-air balloon pilot since 1999 with over 400 hours as pilot-in-command of a balloon. He presently works in  for Hope College. Jeff is married to his wife Robyn and has two children, Andrew and Allison. The name of his balloon is "Special Purpose" which is a reference to the movie "The Jerk". This will be his 15th year participating in the Field of Flight Balloon Competition. Jeff is a fan of Trace Christenson and admirer of Amy Coan and Erica Hahn (the famous balloonists not the TV character that may or may not be based on her).

Jeff placed #4 in 2011, #11 in 2013 & 2012 and #9 in 2011 in the hot-air balloon competitions.