Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 3 - 7, 2019

Twin Tiger Aerobatic Team "Salute to Veterans"

Twin Tigers Salute to our Veterans Twin Tigers Salute to our VeteransMark Sorenson & Mark Nowosielski  of the Twin Tiger Aerobatic Team, will fly another performance that will be a "Salute to Veterans" performance. This performance is a nice teaser act that showcases the graceful maneuvers of the two Yak-55s. In addition, it is a terrific salute to those who have served in the Armed Forces. It features some terrific skywriting and formation acro maneuvers that every one will remember. It's a performance that thanks our military and veterans. See it at this year's Battle Creek Field of Flight!

During his Salute to Veterans performance, Mark narrates a very patriotic introduction to his act from the cockpit as he is climbing above show center. Once in position, it’s SMOKE ON, and the first letter of his routine begins to take shape. Along with his Skywriting routine is a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace and God Bless America designed and choreographed perfectly to his routine.  

What is very unique to the trained airshow eye, is that Mark flies the first part of his Skywriting act on the Horizontal plain, in a non-aerobatic style, by Skywriting the letters “USA”. The music ends right on queue and the crowd spontaneously bursts into a loud applause.

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