Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 3 - 7, 2019

SRC Airshows featuring Stephen Covington in the Pitts RAPTOR

SRC Airshows is another Battle Creek debut, and an amazing, edge of your seat performance at that! This one will blow you away!  SRC Airshows Pitts Raptor

SRC Airshows is owned and operated by Stephen Covington. Stephen is also the pilot and he amazes everyone with this aerobatic performances in his highly-modified Pitts S2S named the "RAPTOR". Stephen ha been flying for 15+ years now and holds his commercial rating. Aviation has been in Stephen's blood since he was a kid. Airplanes were always his favorite toys and he could never pass up war movies with planes in them. Cars are also a passion of Stephen's. In fact, he owns a business in Longview, Texas where he customizes cars. 

The Pitts Raptor is one of the most amazing air show aircraft presently on the circuit! With a motor pushing close to 400 horsepower and sporting a 3 blade composite prop, this Pitts is unlike anything you have ever seen before! It's unique paint job is also loved by fans. 

Don't miss your chance to see this powerful aircraft tearing up the Battle Creek skies in 2019.

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