Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 1 - 5, 2020

AIR SHOW TIME!! Four Days of Air Show Action!

IT'S AIR SHOW TIME!! We'll have FOUR DAYS of Air Show Action during the 2019 Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival. We'll kick off our Air Show portion on Thursday, July 4th with our PRACTICE AIR SHOW. Our Practice Air Show will begin at 12 Noon. This is a practice air show and while all of our aircraft will participate, some of the performances may differ from their show days. You never know, they may want to practice some maneuvers again, you sometimes end up with some more terrific action! 

On July 5th (Friday), July 6th (Saturday) & July 7th (Sunday) we'll present THREE MORE DAYS OF AMAZING AIR SHOW ACTION! For up to 5 hours, we'll provide you some of the most thrilling and fun acts on the air show circuit today. And don't forget about our Magical TWILIGHT & NIGHT AIR SHOW on the evening of Friday, July 5th. This will be the third largest Twilight & Night Air Show in the Nation (behind the Aviation Mecca's that are Sun N Fun and Oshkosh).

2019 Air Show Lineup:

  • US Air Force F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team
  • US Air Force Heritage Flight with Charlie "Tuna" Hineline
  • Twin Tiger Aerobatic Team "Ringmasters"
  • Twin Tiger Aerobatic Team "Salute to Veterans"
  • Misty Blues All-Woman Skydiving Team
  • The 4CE Formation Aerobatic Team featuring some of the Best Aerobatic Pilots in the Industry!!
  • Redline Airshows in their Vans RV-8s
  • Rower vs. Roetman Duel
  • The Immortal Red Baron
  • Award Winning Rob Holland in the MXS
  • Gary Rower Airshows in the Stearman
  • Nathan Hammond "GhostWriter Airshows"
  • Matt Chapman in the Extra 330LX
  • Wild Horse Aviation featuring Buck Roetman in the Pitts S2S
  • Bill Stein in the Zivko Edge 540
  • Nathan Hammond "GhostWriter Skywriting"
  • SRC Airshows featuring Stephen Covington in the Pitts RAPTOR
  • Jack Knutson in the "Firebird" Extra 300
  • Patrick McAlee in the Pitts S1SS "Blue Demon"
  • Phil Dacy: Air Show Announcer