Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 3 - 7, 2019


Back by popular demand, our Night Air Show will return in 2019. One major difference, however, is that the show has been "supersized" compared to years past! On the evening of July 5th, we will present an “Evening of Magic”. As the sun begins to set and Twilight takes over the airport, some of the best performers in North America will take to the skies. With the sun setting and offering different views of the acts, it is truly a unique experience. As it gets darker, aircraft will take to the skies with special lights on their aircraft. But we won’t stop there! After the sun sets, the action heats up again. Bob Seger said it best in his song, “Night Moves”, and now we will present a Spectacular Night Air Show featuring Aircraft with Lights, Pyro. Ground Launched Pyro and Lasers. Flying fireworks displays at their finest. If you have never experienced a Night Air Show before, July 5th is the time to! 


Gary Rower Twilight Air Show Buckroetman Night Show The Twilight Air Show will feature some of the best civilian acts in the air show industry. Watch as formation acts and aerobatic solos take to the skies to perform against the setting sun. List of acts TBA soon!








The 2019 Night Air Show will feature the best-of-the-best in Night Aerial Entertainment. One act is a returning favorite from 2018 while two of the others have never before been seen in the Midwest. Hold on to your hats, this year's Night Air Show will even surprise those who have seen our Night Air Show in the past!

Twin Tiger Aerobatic Team

Night Ait Show at the Field of FlightThis BRAND NEW NIGHT AIR SHOW ACT has only been seen a couple of times and this will be the first time it is seen in our State. It debuted for the first time in July 2018 at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh and has only been seen a few times since. This Award Winning Act features one of the Tiger Airshows Yak-55s dressed up in special lighting to outline the aircrafts shape. This makes the plane look like it is something straight out of TRON. But wait, the fun doesn't stop just with the plane's lights, but what about an excellent, and challenging, aerobatics routine with a theatrical storyline and soundtrack? That isn't it either....fireballs and flames shot from the ground, a massive laser light and an amazing pyrotechnical fireworks display makes this act one that you won't want to miss. You'll even be shocked at how amazing (and amazingly fun) this show is!









Nathan Hammond GhostWriter Night Show

Ghost Writer Night Show You may have seen a Night Air Show before...but have you ever seen a Nathan Hammond Night Show? He loads his Super Chipmunk known as "GhostWriter" up with LED lights and 200 pounds of pyro and fills the air with tons of sparks, fireworks and more, all while performing graceful aerobatic maneuvers. Seriously, this is basically an entire fireworks display...except it is launched from an aircraft in the sky instead of from the ground! Don't miss this amazing performance, which has never been seen before in the State of Michigan.




Redline Airshows Night Fireworks Show

Redline Airshows Night Fireworks ShowReturning after a successful appearance at our 2018 Night Air Show, Redline Airshows will be performing their Night Fireworks Show. Watch as the RV-8s dance through the sky in both formation and solo maneuvers, with lights illuminating the aircraft and sparks trailing behind. It doesn't end there, because it heats up when they start launching air launched pyrotechnical fireworks as well! If you saw it in 2018, then you'll want to see it again. If you missed it in 2018, then don't miss the opportunity to see it this year!

Misty Blues All-Woman Skydiving Team Night Jump

Have you ever seen a Skydiving Show at Night? Well, then this will pique your interest. With lights illuminating their bodies, the Misty Blues will skydive into W.K. Kellogg Airport during our 2019 Night Air Show. This performance has never before been seen in the State of Michigan!

Gary Rower Night Air Show in the Stearman (FIRST TIME IN THE MIDWEST)

Gary Rower will perform an amazing and graceful display in the Stearman at Night. He is presently the only pilot to fly a Night Air Show in an open cockpit Stearman. With the enhanced lighting on his Stearman and the loud roar of the aircrafts Pratt & Whitney engine, this is a night show that you will never forget!

Buck Roetman Night Air Show in the Pitts (FIRST TIME IN THE MIDWEST)

Aerobatic Super Star Buck Roetman will take to the Battle Creek skies in his Pitts that is loaded with pyrotechnical effects and sparks. This is a display that is flown by an amazing pilot in an amazing aircraft.