Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 30 - July 4, 2021

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Kid's Day - July 1, 2020

A day just for Kids? Well, yeah. But July 1st is a day for families too! 

Battle Creek Field of Flight Kids Day! Image by Patti Vahary With $5.00 parking and FREE Gate Admission for the entire family, you can enjoy a night of family fun. This is a special day you certainly won't want to miss!

All Vendors, Event Grounds & Parking will be open at 5 PM on July 1st. In addition, Skerbeck Carnival will also open at 5 PM. Ride tickets must be purchased separately. Advanced Ticket Wristbands must be purchased by 12 Noon on July 1st.

Don't miss our Hot-Air Balloon Flight. We'll also have performances by both The "Rocketman" Valencia as well as the Tim Dyson FMX Motorcycle Stunt Team. Don't miss the amazing concert as well!

FMX Motorcycle Stunt Show - Photo by John Kosak


But, the main highlight of the evening will be Kid's Day, brought to us in part by MEIJER! From 5:30 PM to 7 PM, we will have tons of activities for Kids. From games, to special kid's activities, to prizes, this will be a time that will absolutely put a smile on the faces of your children. Once you're there, make sure that you register for the chance to WIN NEW BIKES!

Chachi "The Rocketman" Valencia

Chachi “The Rocketman” Valencia makes his living as a Human Cannonball being shot from a cannon; free flying through the air at speeds of 55 mph, heights of over 65 ft, and distances of 165 ft. He lands in a narrow net, set 20 ft off of the ground and rocks the crowds every time when he hits his target at the center and takes off his helmet in a heartfelt victory salute. The Rocketman defeats gravity once again. The Rocketman Valencia has twenty three years of Human Cannonball experience including the finishing bang of the 2012 London Olympics' Closing Ceremonies. He was also the "secret weapon" in Rio de Janeiro's 2014 Carnival competition (witnessed by an audience of millions).

Website: Chachi "The Rocketman" Valencia Website
Facebook: Chachi "The Rocketman" Valencia on Facebook

Tim Dyson FMX Motorcycle Stunt Show

Tim Dyson FMXGet ready to get on your feet and hold on to your hats! Tim Dyson and friends will be riding into town again this summer for an encore performance! It's one of the most amazing FMX Motorcycle Stunt shows that you have ever seen!

Tim Dyson FMXFrom X-Games athletes to upcoming talent, this FMX team will take to the airports taxiways as well as ramps setup to provide the ultimate experience in FMX motorcycle stunt shows! You will remain in awe as these bikes go soaring sky high and their riders pull off impressive feats both in the air and on the ground! If you are looking for amazing thrills while you are at the Battle Creek Field of Flight, then look no further than Tim Dyson's FMX Stunt Show!
The FMX Motorcycle Stunt Show
will take place several times throughout the event. Check our tentative schedule of events for times. (Note: times are subject to change so listen for the announcements!)


Battle Creek Half Marathon & 5K

Battle Creek Half Marathon & 5kThe Battle Creek Half Marathon and 5K is Battle Creek's only half marathon. Now in its 5th year as a partnership with the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival, this is one of the most amazing and fun running events in Southern and Central Michigan. Mark your calendars now, the 2020 Half Marathon & 5K will be on Saturday, July 4th! 

Battle Creek Half Marathon & 5kRunning on the 4th of July is truly a terrific experience, but this course just will plainly stun all runners. Participants will run to and through the grounds of the Field of Flight, right by the US AIR FORCE THUNDERBIRDS, experience the balloons launching in addition to the Field of Flight attractions. Runners will then continue on the beautiful streets and boulevards of Battle Creek for a fairly flat, scenic course before finishing back at the start/finish line. The time limit for completing the half marathon course is 3 and 1/2 hours, or 16 min/mile average pace.

Battle Creek Half Marathon & 5k Battle Creek Half Marathon & 5k Battle Creek Half Marathon (Kickoff at 7 AM on Saturday, July 4th): CHECK BACK SOON FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION. All half marathon registrations include a t-shirt, a finisher's medal, a parking pass and 2 tickets for entry to the Field of Flight (can be used any day). Check out the Field of Flight schedule tab above for more information and daily schedules.

Battle Creek 5K (Kickoff at 7:10 AM on Saturday, July 4th): CHECK BACK SOON FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION. All 5K registrations include a t-shirt, a parking pass and 1 ticket for entry to the Field of Flight on the day of the event. Run the grounds then go back to enjoy all that the festival has to offer.   Interested in participating in the Half-Marathon or 5K? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Registration cutoff is June 29th. Half-Marathon registration is $70 (plus processing fee) and the 5K is $40 (plus processing fee). Club membership discounts (Kalamazoo Area Runners and Cereal City Athletics) are available.


Fireworks by Melrose Pyro - Image taken by Ihor BalabanNot one, but TWO EVENINGS of Fireworks Displays. Our Fireworks displays are one of the most popular features of the event. Our 2020 Fireworks Displays will take place on the following dates & time(s):

THURSDAY, JULY 2ND at 10:30 PM (dusk) 

SATURDAY, JULY 4TH at 10:30 PM (dusk).

Please see our Tentative Schedule of Events for More Info!

 Fireworks by Melrose Pyro - Image taken by Ihor BalabanOver the years, the Fireworks Display has become a major draw itself and has been produced by greats like PyroTechno, the Grucci Brothers & Melrose Pyrotechnics. The fireworks displays will each be over 15 minutes long (one of the largest in the State of Michigan) and will feature a low show and a high show and will be choreographed to Patriotic Music along with some pop, rock & country.

Don't miss BOTH of the Booming Fireworks at this year's Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival at the W.K. Kellogg Airport.


Skerbeck Entertainment Group Family Carnival

Skerbeck Entertainment Group, Inc., based in Escanaba, Michigan, will return as the midway provider for Battle Creek’s premier annual festival. The carnival will be operating all days of this year's event, with an AMAZING arrat of rides, food and games for everyone!

Skerbeck Entertainment Group - Top Gun Prices Skerbeck Entertainment Group - Top Gun Skerbeck Entertainment Group - Top Gun According to Sonja Skerbeck, Marketing Director for Skerbeck Entertainment Group, “The Battle Creek Field of Flight has become one of our favorite shows. The spectators and customers are all so nice and they really responded to the quality of our midway, and especially to the deep discounts we provided with our online advanced sale promotion. Customers seem to really appreciate the ability to purchase ahead of the festival using their credit card. It allows families to reserve cash for the day they attend and spend it on other fun activities. Redemption of wristbands is speedy with our bar-code scanning system at the ticket boxes, and that gets the fun started faster than ever before!"

Once on the grounds, it is FREE to browse around and take in the sights and sounds. At night, the carnival will light up with colorful lights, truly some of the most beautiful in the carnival industry. The best part about Skerbeck Entertainment Group returning is their endless rotation of rides. Running different traveling packs, some rides will be different than what was on-site the last few years. So make sure you come on out and try out what we didn't have on-hand previously.

Skerbeck Entertainment Group also uses a high-tech ticketing system, making it easier for you to get your wristbands in advance and save some additional money. We guarantee deep discounts on daily all-day ride wristbands as well as mega packs!


To Buy Advanced Tickets Click Here!

$23 Wristband Wed July I (Community Kick-Off Day!) 
$30 Wristband Thu July 2 
$30 Wristband Fri July 3 
$30 Wristband Sat July 4 
$30 Wristband Sun July 5 

Individual Ride Tickets 4 for $5 or buy a sheet of 50 for $50 
Rides require 3-6 tickets each except the Top Gun Ride 
Top Gun Ride requires 12 tickets or a wristband/mega band plus 4 additional tickets Height restrictions apply 


Other features of the family-friendly midway will include customer amenities such as ATMs, hand-washing stations, misting fans, and plenty of covered seating.

Website: Skerbeck Entertainment Group
Facebook: Skerbeck Entertainment Group on Facebook