Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 1 - 5, 2020

Skerbeck Entertainment Group Family Carnival

Skerbeck Entertainment Group, Inc., based in Escanaba, Michigan, will return as the midway provider for Battle Creek’s premier annual festival. The carnival will be operating all days of this year's event, with an AMAZING arrat of rides, food and games for everyone!

Skerbeck Entertainment Group - Top Gun Prices Skerbeck Entertainment Group - Top Gun Skerbeck Entertainment Group - Top Gun According to Sonja Skerbeck, Marketing Director for Skerbeck Entertainment Group, “The Battle Creek Field of Flight has become one of our favorite shows. The spectators and customers are all so nice and they really responded to the quality of our midway, and especially to the deep discounts we provided with our online advanced sale promotion. Customers seem to really appreciate the ability to purchase ahead of the festival using their credit card. It allows families to reserve cash for the day they attend and spend it on other fun activities. Redemption of wristbands is speedy with our bar-code scanning system at the ticket boxes, and that gets the fun started faster than ever before!"

Once on the grounds, it is FREE to browse around and take in the sights and sounds. At night, the carnival will light up with colorful lights, truly some of the most beautiful in the carnival industry. The best part about Skerbeck Entertainment Group returning is their endless rotation of rides. Running different traveling packs, some rides will be different than what was on-site the last few years. So make sure you come on out and try out what we didn't have on-hand previously.

Skerbeck Entertainment Group also uses a high-tech ticketing system, making it easier for you to get your wristbands in advance and save some additional money. We guarantee deep discounts on daily all-day ride wristbands as well as mega packs!


To Buy Advanced Tickets Click Here!

$23 Wristband Wed July I (Community Kick-Off Day!) 
$30 Wristband Thu July 2 
$30 Wristband Fri July 3 
$30 Wristband Sat July 4 
$30 Wristband Sun July 5 

Individual Ride Tickets 4 for $5 or buy a sheet of 50 for $50 
Rides require 3-6 tickets each except the Top Gun Ride 
Top Gun Ride requires 12 tickets or a wristband/mega band plus 4 additional tickets Height restrictions apply 


Other features of the family-friendly midway will include customer amenities such as ATMs, hand-washing stations, misting fans, and plenty of covered seating.

Website: Skerbeck Entertainment Group
Facebook: Skerbeck Entertainment Group on Facebook