Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 30 - July 4, 2021

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August 6, 2021


Brandon Heavin - Ms BeHeavin Balloon Brandon Brandon Heavin is from Gatesville, Texas. Brandon's father, Gary taught him how to fly. He has been a licensed balloon pilot since 2002. Brandon is currently raising beef cattle and farming - "Someone has to feed the people!"

The name of his balloon is "Ms BeHeavin" which is a play on the 'infamous' Heavin name and for his wife, Amy.

This will be his 9th year participating in the event. His father, Gary Heavin, also pilots the "Almost Heavin" balloon. Brandon and his wife Amy crew for his balloon.

Brandon placed #12 in 2014 and #15 in 2013 in the Battle Creek Field of Flight Hot-Air Balloon Competitions.