Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 1 - 5, 2020


Balloon Limoncello-Lemon - Pilot Steve WilkinsonSteve Wilkinson - Pilot of Limoncello-Lemon BalloonSteve Wilkinson and his son Justin will travel from southern California to compete in their third Battle Creek Field of Flight Balloon Championship. They own and operate Fantasy Balloon Flights in the Winter Resort area of Palm Springs, California during the winter months and compete in balloon races during the summer. Steve's balloon is a lemon balloon named Limoncello. He has spent many Independence Day Holidays at the Battle Creek Field of Flight. He has made many wonderful friends at the event and loves the challenges of the Hot-Air Balloon Competition. Steve has been a hot-air balloon pilot for 39 years. Steve came in 9th in 2018 in the Battle Creek Field of Flight Hot-Air Balloon Competitions.