Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 1 - 5, 2020


"Jeremy Jeremy King Jeremy King was born and raised in Indianola Iowa, where the National Hot-Air Balloon Championships used to be held, so he has been around the hot-air ballooning world all his life. He started as a baby being pulled around the balloon field in a wagon while his mother sold programs. As he got older he was able to sell programs himself.  At the age of 14 he signed up to crew and right there knew he wanted to be a pilot someday.  It took many years of crewing and flying with friends before he decided to go get a balloon and license himself. 

In 2003 Jeremy started training in a friend's balloon. In early 2004 Jeremy talked his crew chief into driving to Florida to pick up a balloon. He has been a licensed hot-air balloon pilot since 2005 and he received his commercial license in June 2008. Now he is training some of his crew to become pilots.

Jeremy is a handyman as well as the proud dad of his son, Cooper Wade King. He will be flying a new balloon this year called N Da Doghouse with the "Oaklawn" banner. Jeremy truly loves to be in the air and see the faces of people when he comes floating by. His crew consists of Brad Morris and Jean & Courtney Grant. This will be his 9th year participating the event. Jeremy placed #10 in 2018 and #13 in 2017 in the Battle Creek Field of Flight Hot-Air Balloon Competitions.

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