Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 30 - July 4, 2021


Michael Moore - Shananigans BalloonMichael MooreMichael "One Burn Too Many Mike" Moore is from Augusta, Michigan. He got into ballooning by crewing for Dale Wilson, Lori, his wife, actually is the one that named my balloon, Shenanigans. After buying my balloon in 2002, she asked if I had a name for it yet and I replied, "I was going to treat it like a new puppy. After you have it for a while, a name usually just comes to you." She said, "Good idea cause Lord knows the SHENANIGANS you're gonna pull...!" And the rest is history. The Battle Creek event is, of course, my favorite event being the first I ever attended, so I look forward to participating every year, especially now that I'm retired. Join the Hot Air Balloon Floaters Association group on Facebook.