Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 28 - July 4

Kid's Day brought to us in part by Meijer - June 28

A day just for Kids? Well, yeah. But it's a day for families too! Kid's Day is brought to us in part by MEIJER!

Battle Creek Field of Flight Kids Day! Image by Patti Vahary Great Lakes Timber Show - Photo by Patti Vahary With FREE parking and FREE gate admission, you can enjoy a night of family fun. This is a special day you certainly won't want to miss!

All Vendors, Event Grounds & Parking will be open at 5 PM on June 28th. In addition, Skerbeck Carnival will also open at 5 PM. Ride tickets must be purchased separately. Advanced discount wrist bands can be purchased online before noon on June 28th   Make sure you get them at the discount price!

Don't miss our evening warm up Balloon Flight, that will not be part of the official competition. We'll also have performances by both the Great Lakes Timber Show as well as the Tim Dyson FMX Motorcycle Stunt TeamGreat Scott!, the Midwest's hottest cover band, will also be performing as part of our Field of Rock Concert Series!

FMX Motorcycle Stunt Show - Photo by John Kosak


But, the main highlight of the evening will be the fact that it is Kid's Day brought to us in part by MEIJER! From 5:30 PM to 7 PM, we will have tons of activities for Kids. From games, to special kids activities, to prizes, this will be a time that will absolutely put a smile on the faces of your children. Make sure that you register for the chance to WIN A NEW BIKE!